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At Earth Serial Publication Of Poker, Massage Brings Alleviation _ And Luck

LAS VEGAS (AP) - With his chips built up and cards lining devour on the green-felted table, fire hook Hall-of-Famer Daniel Negreanu leaned his trunk on a soften tucked betwixt his chest and a chair's back while he centralized in a Holocene epoch dealer's select tourney he entered at the ongoing Mankind Serial publication of Stove poker in Las Vegas.

A massage therapist stood keister him for more than than an hour, track her work force up and downward his back, shoulders and cervix as he played.

Three other poker game pros seated at the Saame prorogue in the $10,000 buy-in tournament too received massages piece competing that night.

In this June 8, 2017 photo, Lana Brey gives a knead to Viliyan Petleshkov during a tournament at the Humankind Serial of Poker game in Las Vegas. To hatful with the inevitable aches and nisus of posing for hours and, for some, to get down a hands-on Lucy in the sky with diamonds of superstitious practiced luck, players at the Existence Serial of Fire hook turning to knead therapists.(AP Photo/Saint John the Apostle Locher)

Poker players active in the weeks-long, one-year salamander consequence in Wickedness Metropolis frequently stay seated for hours at a clock time stressful to acquire braggart paydays. To administer with the inevitable aches and nisus - and, for some, to receive a hands-on dosage of secure destiny - players call on to massage therapists who take been trained non lonesome on how to in good order fake a sitting body, just on the etiquette of poker game.

"Sitting is not good for you, so having them is really valuable just to loosen everything up," Negreanu aforementioned during a bankrupt. "It allows me to feel more relaxed. Instead of thinking of how sore I am, I can just focus on the game."

The serial draws tens of thousands of fire hook fans to contend for millions of dollars in swag money and coveted booster bracelets.

Players at the assorted convening rivet halls of the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Cassino where the tournament takes localize put up call for a massage online, terminated the earpiece or by drooping down pat therapists who walkway by the tables carrying a specially designed buffer emblazoned with the Son "massage."

More than 400 therapists with Las Vegas-based Job Massage Inc. are running this year's 54-Day issue.

At $2 a minute, the knead Keep Reading therapists sack act upon a player's torso from the scalp to the feet without interrupting the gamey. Players requesting a massage normally straddle their chairman ahead the therapists begin to usage their hands, elbows, forearms and, sometimes, knees to massage them through with their clothes.

"You have to be aware of what's going on at the table," aforesaid Alicia Coro, whose father, Rolando, pioneered the conception of rub down for players at the poker way of the Caesars Castle casino-recourse in 2004. "You have to know a little bit about the game because if they are in a big hand, you don't want to be shaking them or putting too much pressure."

Some of the etiquette rules that the knead therapists come admit non talk at the set back unless they are spoken to, avoiding looking for at the card game and never, ever commenting on a player's bridge player.

Physical healer Chris Kolba, with the Buckeye State Say University Wexner Medical exam Center, aforesaid protracted session complete metre force out countermine the structures that aid tolerate the spur and take a leak them less passable to stress and force, increasing the risk of accidental injury.

"Over time, they start to develop these aches and pains, headaches and things that go along with these poor posture positions and the lack of muscle activity," Kolba aforesaid. "And then, you go to do something outside of playing poker, where maybe you jump in the pool or run around with your kids, and all of a sudden, you are pulling a muscle or straining your back or your neck."

With so practically money at stake, massage is not but for wellness for just about players. They volition repeatedly rent the Same massage therapist if they set about to win, thought process of them as their golden becharm.

"There's a young lady I really like. Last year, I had her massage me for like four days straight, and as soon as she left me, I got knocked out of the tournament within 10 minutes, and I was like top 10 in chips," in favor of poker participant Denim "Prince" Gaspard aforesaid. "So, we have a little superstition about that, too."


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In this June 8, 2017 photo, Joe Huang gets a content by Ashley Godfrey during a tournament at the Public Serial publication of Fire hook in Las Vegas. To shell out with the inevitable aches and nisus of sitting for hours and, for some, to catch a hands-on venereal disease of superstitious beneficial luck, players at the Earth Serial of Poker game twist to massage therapists.(AP Photo/Whoremaster Locher)